Swaddingling Technique matters

“But there is a wrong way to swaddle. The wrong kind of wrapping can affect a baby’s hip development and increase risk for developmental dysplasia of the hip, a relatively common problem that, if not caught early, can lead to premature joint problems and chronic pain in adulthood.” - a quote from a recent New York Times article, written by Tara Parker-Pope, about the benefits of proper swaddling of infants versus the potential for harm of incorrect swaddling.

Swaddling is a way of wrapping babies to promote comfort and calm. Recently I was catching up on past seasons of LOST and one of the characters swaddled Clair’s baby, Aaron.

Read the full article, in all its swaddling glory, here.

Oh and if you’re wondering why a post about how to wrap your baby up correctly is relevant to a blog about sex and relationships, may I point out that most babies come about as a result of S-E-X? As such, the occasional baby post will do.

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