Sunday’s Lineup: Football Or Lingerie?

With Super Bowl XLV less than 24 hours away, many readers across the nation may be contemplating the same thing over these next few hours…

Should I watch the Super Bowl, the Lingerie Bowl, or the Puppy Bowl tomorrow afternoon?”

Lets review our options!


I’m assuming most individuals in this country know what the Super Bowl is (even if you’re not a football fan) due to the mass amounts of advertisement that is broadcast for the event.

But tomorrow afternoon, the Pittsburgh Steelers go head to head with the Green Bay Packers at 6:30 ET.


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For those of you that have not heard of this event – it’s the big game for the Lingerie Football League (yes you read me correctly – LINGERIE). Basically there are 10 football teams in the league, all composed of women playing football in their uniforms (which just so happen to be lingerie).

So tomorrow at 8PM in Las Vegas – the Los Angeles Temptation’s play the Philadelphia Passion for the Lingerie Bowl VIII championship title.


Last but not least there is the Puppy Bowl which also airs on February 6th at 3PM E/P! Although the Puppy Bowl may not have sexy women in lingerie or famous NFL stars on screen – it’s undeniably adorable.

Image courtesy to The Washington Post

Image courtesy to The Washington Post

This is 7th consecutive year the Puppy Bowl has aired on Animal Planet; and basically the show mimics the Super Bowl, only with puppies. And the great thing about the program is the puppies featured on the show are from shelters and throughout the program Animal Planet informs the viewers on how they can adopt rescued puppies and help their local shelter.

But lets say you’re STILL not sure what to do with your Sunday afternoon, there is one more option (which happens to be the main reason I wanted to write this post)…

It’s the LINGERIE PUPPY BOWL! Rathing than chossing just one, you get a mix of all three: football, lingerie and puppies.

I know it’s a tough choice because they’re all so appealing, but I’m confident everyone will find something to amuse them.

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