Sue Johansen says goodbye to television…

Having been on radio and television for years, 77 year old Sue Johansen is putting away her sex toys and condoms. Well, sort of. She is not retiring, she makes clear in some press releases, as she will still be giving lectures, but she is leaving television for now.

A few quotes from the articles:

"It’s been part of my life and I just love it. I’m going to miss writing scripts. I’m going to miss having to read books. I’m going to miss playing with sex toys."


"I have been on television for 32 years…I think it’s time. I figured if we haven’t got it by now, we’re not going to get it. We’ve got to make room for somebody else.

Read the full article here and another one here. Thanks to several readers for the tips.

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  • bob

    is there going to be a replacment on “Talk Sex?”

  • bob

    is there going to be a replacment on “Talk Sex?”