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One of my favorite comedians, Stephen Colbert, took on our sex survey on The Colbert Report. This is one of the more exciting pieces of press, though there have been a lot of good ones. To see a small sample of the many interesting takes on our work, check out a few of the following:

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Even Indiana native, David Letterman, talked about our study’s findings on his show. Thanks, Dave!

You can download the entire 100+ pages of our special issue of the Journal of Sexual Medicine and read all 9 scientific articles if you’d like. It’s over on our study web site, which is

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Dr. Debby Herbenick

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  • Mens Sex Toys

    Can’t see video. Not available to the UK. Good to see some interesting research making it to the mainstream press though!

  • Kate

    What great publicity! Congratulations, Debby:)