Sex News Round-Up: Syphilis Experiment, Marriage Proposals, Ideal Partners

Some things to note:

- US apologizes for Guatemala syphilis experiment [NY Times]
- Rosa at Gizmodo teaches lovers how to propose [Gizmodo]
- Researchers from the University of Sheffield have found that the gap between women’s and men’s real-life partners and their ideal partners is quite sizable, in terms of the body type one wishes one’s partner had. This gap was actually larger for women than men. [eScience news]
- Ranker has listed the top 10 gay activists caught “being gay” [Ranker]
- Are Brittany and Santana good queer icons? Lux Alptraum thinks so. [Jezebel]
-  Screen Junkies gives us the top 10 topless scenes [Screen Junkies]
- College student Marguerite Fields delivers one of my favorite Modern Love columns, and unfortunately when I was about her age that whole Zen thing was my undoing in relationships as well [NY Times]
-  The New York Times follows up on female engagement teams overseas [NY Times]
- People magazine profiles TLC’s Sister Wives’ about sharing a husband and family life [People]

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