Sex News Round-Up: Rielle-John Sex Tape, Same Sex Marriage in Maryland, Vaginal Probes & More

A few sex newsy things to note today:

- Rielle Hunter has, according to the NY Times, won rights to the sex tape she and John Edwards supposedly made together [NYT]

-  However, according to CNN, the sex tape is supposed to be destroyed [CNN]

- The state of Maryland – where I used to live (I went to college at the University of Maryland and I’m a very proud and happy Terp) – has now seen its Senate pass a same sex marriage bill. Maryland joins seven other US states, as well as Washington DC, in legalizing same-sex marriage. Governor O’Malley had said he will sign the bill into law. [Washington Post]

- If you need a reminder of how quickly things can – and should – change in the country, let me take you back to the case of Mildred and Richard Loving who, in the Supreme Court case Loving v. Virginia (see Wiki summary here) – helped usher in the widespread legalization and acceptance of interracial in the US. That’s right: it was just a few decades ago when the country struggled with interracial marriage and now not only is it legal, but most people don’t blink an eye over it. Hopefully soon we’ll be in a similar position with same-sex marriage being legal everywhere and increasingly accepted.

- Virginia Gov. Bob O’Donnell back pedals about forcing women seeking abortions to be vaginally penetrated [Slate]

- In “One is the Quirkiest Number”, the NYT’s Steven Kurutz takes a look at the secret single behaviors of people who live alone – you know, things like staying up until the wee wee hours, eating peanut butter out of the jar at midnight, or washing one’s veggies in the shower. [NYT]

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