Sex News Round-Up: Antique Vibrators, Asexuality, Sex Offender Laws & More

Of interest this week:

- The NY Times examines the effectiveness of sex offender laws (including laws that require sex offenders to register themselves in their communities) [NYT]

- Tracy Clark-Flory explores asexuality [Salon]

- The financial costs and medical risks of some transitional changes (like industrial grade silicone injections) that some transgender male to female individuals try [NYT]. This was something that I first learned about some years ago when visiting Buenos Aires, Argentina and meeting with an HIV/AIDS service provider. We were talking about the female, and male to female, sex workers in a certain part of the city. He told me some difficult stories about the health problems experienced by some of the MtF individuals who chose industrial grade silicone injections in order to develop breasts and more womanly curves. Some of these MtF individuals even died as a result of these dangerous injections.

- Is platonic love really “Platonic” at all? [PhysOrg]

- Some of Good Vibrations antique vibrators are featured in the upcoming Hollywood movie, Hysteria (see their vibe collection on their web site).

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  • Holly Moyseenko-Kossover

    The antique vibrators at Good Vibrations are on display (safely behind glass or plastic) in many of their stores. The employees will gab you up about them and share so many cool details if you ask (although photos are not allowed).