Sex And Baseball

Let me first start this out by saying that I love baseball. If you’re out with me and there’s a television showing a baseball game, especially if the World Series is on, you may have a difficult time getting my full attention. When I travel, I love to be able to catch a game in person. The Padres are one of my favorite teams (don’t stop reading just yet!) and I loved being able to see them at Petco Stadium play the Pittsburgh Pirates in May when I was in San Diego for a conference. (FYI: you can get standing room tickets for only $5 at the gate day of game. The Park is gorgeous and there are a few places to grab a seat, but some of the standing room spots garnered a better view than an actual seat).

So what’s with the baseball talk? I’m not going to talk about the last time I got a home run (heck, I play softball in the summer and I get so excited when I hit the ball that I just stand there. I forget to run because I expect to have not hit the ball). I was giggling when I read that a Philadelphia court overturned a case, and essentially said it was okay to trade sex for tickets to the World Series (if you are interested, it was in 2009 when the Phillies played the Yankees). Apparently Susan Finkelstein was charged with prostitution when in order to try to get tickets to the World Series game she placed a rather racy ad – she says she was trying to flirt her way into some discounted tickets. Her ad didn’t specifically state that there would be sex, just that she had “creative” approaches. When someone responded to her ad (naturally, it would be an undercover police officer), she sent them some topless photos of her. The police say that she offered them sex acts for those prized tickets. However, the week of Christmas a court decided that they would overrule the charge of prostitution and lower her charge – Ms Finkelstein is on probation and has some community service to do (probably not involving sending some racy pictures).

I had some major Phillies fans in my Tuesday night class this semester, and during one of their last games this year, I allowed for text updates (I may have desired them more than my students from Philadelphia!). I also would absolutely love to catch a World Series game in person, and have added it to my own little bucket list. I’m not a fantastic flirt, so I can’t even say I’d flirt my way into some great tickets, but I’ve had several friends flirt their way into a good deal when buying a car, getting out of a speeding ticket, and more. I’m also not rich, so when I can get a deal or a discount, I go for it – however, I’m not sure offering up some sex for tickets is quite up my alley, especially with a stranger. I scored some amazing seats to a Giants game in San Francisco this summer (not far behind third base) and that just involved a few clicks on my lap top, no photos of me necessary (clothed or otherwise). Now, I know that World Series tickets are a whole other deal – super hard to find, very expensive if you can. I’m just not sure how far I would go. Maybe I’m boring, but when I hear about the extent that people will go for in order to get tickets to a baseball game or even a concert, I get a little wary. I definitely would not be the girl in the middle of the mall shaving her head for Justin Bieber tickets (well, I wouldn’t want Justin Bieber tickets anyway, but that’s another story).

How far would you go for some great tickets? Would you send some naked photos of yourself for World Series tickets? How about just for a regular game in town? Do you think Ms Finkelstein should have been guilty of prostitution? Talk with me about this.

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