Same Sex Marriage in Mexico City

The LA Times is reporting that the government in Mexico City has approved a broad gay rights bill that would not only allow same sex couples to marry but would also allow for them to adopt children. The mayor apparently still needs to sign the bill into law but is expected to do so, which will make Mexico City the first place in Latin America to legalize same sex marriage, joining several other countries and some parts of the United States. (Uruguay was the first Latin American country to recognize same sex unions but Mexico City takes things one step further by allowing marriage of same sex couples).

Personally, I’m in full support of same sex marriage rights so I’m thrilled to hear this news. I’ve struggled on a personal level with what I feel is discrimination against same sex couples who want to marry. As a heterosexual woman, I’ve found myself uncomfortable with the privilege I have to marry when so many of my friends, colleagues and people in the world don’t share in this same right. Though most heterosexual couples probably marry out of love, liking and/or lust, a good number marry on a whim or marry repeatedly or marry for tax reasons, companionship, green cards, friendship, health insurance, sadness, loneliness or any number of other reasons – each of them very personal and valuable to the couple choosing to wed. So why shouldn’t two people of the same sex – who share the same feelings of love, liking, lust, loneliness, affection, interest, or a desire to build a family together – share in these same rights and experiences? Good for these lawmakers for taking a step toward equality.

[via LA Times]

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    I am an a american woman. I want to get married with my partner out of love. Will her foreign documentation be a porblem in mexico? And will it gain her citizenship of the U.S.?