Progressive Banking Ad from Argentina that Highlights Transgender

A couple of years ago I was fortunate enough to take two trips to Argentina. During one of the trips, I made concerted efforts to improve my Spanish through regular tutoring. Eva, my tutor, was terrific – not only did she work with me on day to day Spanish issues but, as I was creating a work partnership in Argentina, she also worked with me on being able to read and speak Spanish words and phrases that related to my area of study. She would bring me recent news items about HIV, sexuality and – as it so happened – legal issues related to sex re-assignment surgeries for transgender individuals, which was a hot topic at the time I was visiting.

Now that you know this back story, perhaps you can understand why I was so pleasantly surprised to come across this bank commercial that is said to be from Argentina and that features transgender issues – and human connection and forgiveness – in such a positive light:

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