Pet Named After Famous Sex Researcher

The names people choose for their pets often reflect their personality or their interests. Some people (my best friend) name their cats after Star Wars characters. Others name their pets after their literary heroes. My wife named her cat Butch …

But I’m a sex educator so you can imagine the route I took with my cat.  No, nothing dirty. I named my cat Kinsey after famous sex researcher Alfred Kinsey. I dream of one day having two new pets that I can name Masters and Johnson. Maybe a pair of Sugar Gliders?

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About Garnet Joyce

Garnet Joyce

Queer sex educator starting a new adventure with her wife and two cats.

  • Kate

    Your kitty is adorable and I love the idea of a pair of sugar gliders named Masters and Johnson.

  • Holly Moyseenko Kossover

    I totally wanted to name my puppy after Kinsey – it was the name I’d had picked out. However, most recent addition pup came from a rescue. While he was still a pup and I probably could have changed his name, I let it stick (btw, his name is Hamlet, which at least leads to some cute nicknames). My other dog I named after one of my favorite comic book characters, Tulip O’Hare.

    I had a sugar glider a few years ago named, Splenda. I definitely suggest getting a pair so that they have company, and I think Master and Johnson are great names – just make sure that they end up together unlike the real M&J.