No Room At The Inn

It’s a bit post-Christmas for me to make very relevant jokes about room available at the inn (manger/hotel/hostel), but I recently found this post on Care 2, which is about a couple who was refused a room at an inn. While it ends happily (spoiler alert: they won the discrimination law suit!), I am still so outraged that this occurred as recently as 2008.

Essentially, in England two men in a civil partnership tried to get a hotel room. Sounds simple enough, right? However, they were denied a room because the hotel said that they had  a no sex before marriage policy. So, while I’m a little happy that they were not denied a room because they were two men, the no sex before marriage has me a little stumped. What if it’s a man and a woman having an affair? They might wear wedding bands, and technically, they’re both married (just not to each other).

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