My Favorite Facebook Status Updates about the SCOTUS Same-Sex Marriage Rulings

Today, SCOTUS changed life for many Americans in its rulings on DOMA and Prop 8. When I heard the news, via Twitter, I was walking into my lab space to interview a woman about orgasms (that’s the life of this research scientist). When the study participant arrived, she and I took a few minutes to acknowledge and talk about the monumental news of the day. Much of the day, I’ve felt on the verge of (happy) tears. I celebrated with a friend over lunch on an outdoor patio. Many couples celebrated by planning their legal weddings. By kissing. By hugging. By looking toward a brighter future in this country that, on some days, feel more progressive in its rights and freedoms than others. Today is one of those days for me.

Just now, arriving home after a late day at work, I had a chance to stop by Facebook. Here are some of my favorite status updates from friends:

- “Posts on my newsfeed not about gay things confuse me.” (Note: I feel the same way. I mean, is today of all days the time to post about the sandwich you just ate? Unless you were eating a sandwich as you heard the SCOTUS news?)

- “Time to start buying presents! Let the wedding season begin!” (A status update from a guy friend who has been in a relationship with his male partner for years. Friends/family are now wanting to know if there’s a wedding in the works…)

- “I am sitting in an empty classroom at [work] reading the news coverage of SCOTUS clearing the way for marriage equality. But moving me so much more are the status updates of my friends who are now able to receive the legal recognition of the love they share. With you I share the tears of happiness for a victory long overdue.”

- “I think my internets just broke. From happiness and victory. Suck it haters. Feeling like an equal citizen for the first ever :)

- “I just burst out crying on the subway–DOMA is unconstitutional!”

- “La equidad es inevitable.”

- “It’s a day for a landmark decision important for many people. Whether or not you agree be kind to all and love and respect one another. #SCOTUS”

- “I can’t wait to get off work to celebrate this amazing day!”

- “Joke’s on you, GOP! Now I can marry my cat CUZ THAT’S ACTUALLY HOW IT WORKS! GAY AGENDA GOT YOU GOOD!”

- “Peace out DOMA.”

Let’s go celebrate, world. xo

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Dr. Debby Herbenick

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