Must-See Film: “Middle Sexes: Redefining He And She”

Image courtesy to Google Images

Image courtesy to Google Images

A few weeks ago in my queer theory seminar, we screened a film called “Middle Sexes: Redefining He and She” (directed by Antony Thomas) and I thought it was a real ‘eye-opener’ to how different our culture deals with aspects of sexuality compared to others across the globe.

This 54 minutes documentary compares gender variance in a handful of different countries as well as examines the diversity of human sexuality within different cultures and communities.

I found the film exceptionally interesting because the viewer not only receives commentary from scientific experts – they receive many first hand accounts from individuals who do not categorize themselves within the western male/female binary.

The overall message I took from the film was to be more open to the experiences of others and never to make assumptions about one’s presented gender (as well as sexual) identity.

It made me feel a bit ashamed to think our society (or a large portion of it) shuns those who do not fit into (or conform to) the typical male/female binaries; and honestly just from watching this film, I’ve developed a new outlook on how I view our gender system.

Hopefully if you can come across it, I’d definitely recommend watching it! I don’t get out of the country much (or at all for that matter!) so witnessing other cultures and their customs is really fascinating to me.

[Just a little sidenote, if you want a taste of the film - it's on Youtube broken up into about 10 different segments!]

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