More than 5 percent

According to this report, it is considered attractive - maybe even sexxxxxxyyyy – to have legs that are about 5% longer than average but too long (say, 10%) and that’s not so cute. Whether or not this is true is anyone’s guess – one report does not exactly make a lasting body of knowledge. Nor does it explain why women’s high heels add soooooooooooooo much height – way more than 5% would allow.

Case in point: my new shoes! They’re sort of a mix between Wizard of Oz and Gwen Stefani. I am considering wearing these, or some super high black heels I just bought, to the First Friday event I am co-in Chicago on February 1. If you care to see more photos of the high heel side (the above photo is just the top), you can find them after the jump.


Check out those heels!

And a standing view:

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