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bath tub 

In a recent issue of Time Out Chicago, Ruth Lopez tells us about Girl on Guy – a feminist art show that does what perhaps a lot of people don’t expect feminists to do: show adoration for men.

A few quotes I love:

“There just is not enough work about how [women artists] love or admire or lust after men,” says McDade, who took her research seriously, traveling to four different exhibitions, including “Global Feminisms” at the Brooklyn Museum of Art. To be a feminist and an artist seemed to come with a bunch of unspoken restrictions, she discovered. “There are a lot of angry women out there,” she says.


“I want to see what will happen if you give yourself over to love,” says McDade, who’s endured her share of woes, including a tough divorce. “I have been so much happier, and my life as an artist has been so much more fulfilling, since I made that shift in my own brain.”

Read the full article here and learn more about the Girl on Guy exhibit here.

The image, Brendan in the Tub, 1988, is by Jane Fisher and via this web site.

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