Live Long Enough To Find The Right One

One of my coworkers directed me to these videos. These are animated shorts that advocate using condoms (NSFW, by the way). I really appreciate that they don’t seem to be portraying having multiple sexual partners in a negative light, rather they promote being safer about it. I also like that there is one video featuring heterosexual pairings and one featuring homosexual male pairings, though of course it would be nice to see one that promoted safer sex for lesbians.

Live Long Enough To Find The Right One- Heterosexual Version

Live Long Enough To Find The Right One- Homosexual Version

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  • Ida Virgin

    I really like how she was popping little penis bubbles in that first video! Hysterical :-)

  • Mens Sex Toys

    I really like the idea of these, but I think they could do with a little less stereotypical imagery, especially the second one.

    Dolls, really?

    I’m pretty sure the second one was created based on assumptions rather than any real research into the gay lifestyle. For instance, they have the guy cruising, but no group sex. Group sex is just as prevalent in the gay world as cruising is. And it’s far more risky.

    Just my take on it. Other than that minor gripe, they really are good and should be shown as part of sex ed.

  • David

    I watched the first one (hetero here) and … that was video was depressing and disturbing. I sort of want to forget that I ever saw it.