Lady Rockers Getting Some Respect

Let me start by saying I’m a little sad that I’ve titled this “Lady Rockers” as I would feel a lot better if it just said “New Rockers In The Hall Of Fame!” However, I’m glad that female musicians are getting some respect. I’ve written recently about my Ohio pride, and one of Cleveland’s biggest claims to fame is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (heck, one of my New York friends came to Ohio primarily to see that and not me – I’m hoping that me living in the area was a bonus!). This year, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has a whole exhibit on “Women Who Rock” (including lots of firsts for women in rock, as well as Lady Gaga’s meat dress on display). They just released their list of 2012 nominees for the Hall of Fame, and there’s some women on it! I’m loving that Joan Jett was included, my old roommate Sherri will love that Heart is there, and there’s even Donna Summer. I think that this is one of their best lists yet of potential Hall of Famers (the Beastie Boys and the Cure are also there!).

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