Kissing Better Than Claritin D?

I just returned from Washington D.C., where I attended an advocacy summit. While I had a great time (especially on my last day when the weather was so lovely I only wore a cardigan), my allergies were kicking into high gear. I was a sneezing sensation. I went from no sneezing and sniffling to sneezing multiple times a minute – I think this may be one of the worst super powers ever. There is nothing like meeting with politicians and their aides, and sneezing all over them. However, this article from io9 made me rethink all the allergy meds I put into my body. As they point out, kissing can ease allergies.

The study participants (24 people with hay fever and 24 with eczema) were put into a room with their significant other and told to kiss “freely” for 3o minutes, while listening to music so sweet you might get cavities (they specifically mention “My Heart Will Go On”, “Can You Feel The Love Tonight”, and “Love is a Many-Splendored Thing”). Two weeks later, a control study was conducted with the same participants and the same conditions, but with no kissing permitted. The scientist in charge of it all found that kissing decreases allergen-specific antibodies. Unfortunately, I was in D.C. without my favorite kissing partner, leaving me to ransack the corner stores for any allergy meds I could consume. Would I have fared better had the kissing partner been with me? Maybe – although I agree with the study that it may not be the act of making out itself, but more for kissing’s stress-relieving abilities (which I agree a kissing partner is great for, whether making out or not). Also, I feel obliged to mention that at the end of article, it’s noted that similar anti-allergy effects don’t require kissing – just put on some Mozart tunes or watch a “heart-warming” movie. However, since kissing can supposedly reduce my allergy symptoms, can I put a date that involves making out on my flexible spending account?

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