IU-Kenya partnership

Having always had a thing for party pictures, I was pleased to find these photos from last fall’s gala fundraiser for the IU-Kenya AMPATH partnership, full of some familiar but mostly new faces (see if you can spot me on page 2; I look a little camera shy going through the silent auction items and shopping a bit). You may remember that last summer I traveled to Kenya to learn more about the culture, the health challenges that individuals and families face, and how our group may be of help in terms of research and education efforts. I learned so much (and still have much to learn) about the impressive work that the IU-Kenya partnership is accomplishing in terms of HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment, malaria prevention and treatment, childhood feeding, nutrition and ecomonic programs and more.

One of the newest programs in development while I was there was a rape recovery unit that was being established in the town’s hospital – the first of its kind for that town. They are doing so much with so little. I understand that these are very difficult financial times for families here in the United States, but if you happen to have $5 or $50 or more to spare, they could certainly use your help. Visit their web site to learn more about donating. Even if you cannot give (or simply have other places where you direct your funds or time), consider learning more about their program as the work is quite inspiring – view their video on their web site.

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Dr. Debby Herbenick

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