Transgender- A Noun Or An Adjective?

Usually I refrain from publicizing the fact that I am a huge celebrity gossip fan, but this was just too problematic to pass up.

According to this extremely reputable (detect sarcasm?) website, Kristen Stewart is set to write, film, and star in her mother’s film about (and I quote) “an autistic transgender who gets thrown in jail and makes some unusual friends and enemies”.

The website states that Stewart has been getting lots of attention for the controversial nature of the role. Personally, I’d like this website to get attention for its incorrect use of the word transgender. So, to the writers over at, here are some tips for next time!

  • Transgender is used as an adjective, not a noun
  • So, you can have a transgender person, a transgender individual, a transgender woman, man, etc.
  • But, you can’t just have a “transgender”
  • Though says that transgender is both an adjective and a noun, it’s pretty derogatory to call someone “a transgender” (my partner Liv, who is transgender, says it’s like calling someone without a job “an unemployed”…though it may be true, it’s kind of offensive)

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