Is Obama Done Fighting For The LGBT Community?

According to a recent press conference, President Obama claimed to have already met his commitments to the LGBT community. At a recent Pride event at the White House, he said “I have delivered on what I promised,” later adding “that doesn’t mean our work is done.”

Obama has definitely done a lot for the gay community- namely his repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and his withdrawal of legal support from the Defense of Marriage Act.

“The bottom line is I am hopeful. What gives me hope is a deeper shift that we’re seeing, that’s a transformation, not only in our laws, but in our hearts and minds too. Progress led not by Washington, but by ordinary citizens, propelled not by policy, but by love and friendship and sense of mutual regard and mutual respect. It’s playing out in legislatures like New York, it’s playing out in the ballot box, as people argue and debate over how to bring about the changes where we are creating a more perfect union,” said the President.

I agree that our president has done a lot of the work, but sorry Obama, you aren’t off the hook quite yet!

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