Introducing New MSP Blogger: Garnet Joyce

Hey all! I’m Garnet Joyce and I will be one of the new bloggers here on I’m really looking forward to connecting with you all and also giving this awesome blog a little bit of a different voice.

A little bit about me: I’m a queer sex educator born and raised in and around Chicago, but I’m moving to California this Tuesday. OMG is it really that soon? I’m taking my wife, the awesome scientist, and our two cats, Butch and Kinsey (yes, he is named after Alfred Kinsey), with me to explore the beautiful bay area and follow our dreams. It should be quite an adventure!

My credentials:

  • Creator of (all links in this post are NSFW), a sex education website I have been running for almost 3 years.
  • Sex educator at Chicago’s first feminist sex shop, Early to Bed, for 2.5 years.
  • I have taught workshops on sexuality in Illinois, Minnesota, and Arizona. Hopefully soon to teach in California!
  • Social Media Strategist for MyPleasure as of last month.
  • B.A. in Psychology and Gender and Women’s Studies.
  • Independently studied the culture of sexuality in America since 1492 with famous gay historian John D’Emilio.
  • Raised by a feminist sex-positive mother.
  • Writer for PopMyCherryReview and XCritic
  • Worked as a model, photographer, cam girl, and personal assistant in alt porn.


  • Further my work as a sex educator and carve out my own little niche.
  • Make lots of awesome sex-positive friends.
  • Have a relatively smooth move to California.
  • Get my relationship legally recognized.
  • Take over the world.
  • Cook lots of tasty foods.
  • Be 1/2 of a lesbian power couple.
  • Keep my cats alive and happy until they are old and crotchety.

Tell me about you. What would you like to hear from me, a queer cis-woman?

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About Garnet Joyce

Garnet Joyce

Queer sex educator starting a new adventure with her wife and two cats.