In Case it Wasn’t Abundantly Clear

On a recent trip through the Atlanta airport, newsstand after newsstand was blanketed with repeat images of heterosexuality: Brad and Angelina; Tom, Katie and Suri; and Barack and Michelle. Over and over and over again, they were the there: the happy heterosexual couples and families.

What about GLBT couples and families? Ellen and Portia, among other well-known couples, would make a great addition to the wall. So would single individuals or people who are older. Instead, it was all about 30s and 40s-ish couples with their love on display…. which is fine, but when that’s the only thing on display, it perhaps needs some attention. After all, GLBT individuals, older individuals, and people who are single might like to see themselves represented, too.

What do you think?

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Dr. Debby Herbenick

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  • Jevad Jackson

    It’s what sells unfortunately. Same reason there’s CNN, FoxNews, etc.

  • AGuest

    Well Debby.  If it makes you feel any better, our corporation just sent out the weekly newsletter and for the first time ever, they pointed out that in the spirit of global inclusion, that it was Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender month.  This is the corporation that previously only acknowledged the existance of sex in terms of sexual harassment.  So many of us were like “Huh??”

    So, now that they have acknowledged the existance of sex other than in terms of sexual harassment, I want a heterosexual month announcement as well.  A BSDM and Poly month announcement will eventually be required.  And after that, a beastiality announcement.

    So, if you had you vag turned into a penis or your penis turned into a vag – come on down to our corporation. If you are GLB, put photos other your significant other(s) in your cube.  And the beastiality crew?  Ummm.  Maybe you might want to wait a while in bringing portrait photos of your significant donkey or german sheppard.