How Did This Not Get More Press?

I was away for a while – no internet, nada. But I’ve been back for about a month and somehow have not heard a peep about the Texas House of Representatives passing a budget bill a few weeks ago (it still has to pass the Senate) that would require state-funded colleges and universities that have a GLBT support center to also fund “traditional values” centers. In  spite of the fact that, as Eileen Smith in the Texas Observer, makes the point – it’s not like most heterosexual students are in need of attack in regard to their sexuality and needing support. Or as she puts it:

“IMAGINE THE PLIGHT OF THE HETEROSEXUAL student stepping on to a college campus for the first time. How will he fit in? Should he tell his new roommate about his alternative hetero lifestyle? Will he be bullied, just like he was in high school, where he was mercilessly teased for being a sexual deviant? Where does a straight person turn?”

While I agree with the sentiment that a straight-identified who has questions or concerns about their sexuality needs a place to go, too, why not create a sexuality resource center on campus? Why not make that the focus of funding rather than a “traditional values” center?

Texas residents, please do something about this. Call your state Senators. Call your alma mater. And if you went to a Texas college or university, make it known to them that you would like your donations to specifically support GLBT-related services OR that they will not be seeing anymore donations from you should one dime of GLBT-related funding go away (this is important because apparently one of the intentions of the bill was to ultimately get the groups defunded by way of requiring equal funding for a traditional values center which was more likely to pass – at least according to Tony McDonald of the Young Conservatives of Texas).

Have they not heard of the rash of suicides among GLBT individuals? Do people not think that GLBT services are important and helpful? I understand everyone needing a place to go to for support and information but let’s face it: heterosexual students (having been one myself as a student) aren’t exactly powerless or discriminated against in regard to their sexuality. If we were ridiculous clothes, yes. Or say stupid things in class, yes. But not because of our sexuality.

Read more at Inside Higher Ed.

In other news, the NY Times indicates that recent poll results have found Catholics to be quite supportive of same-sex marriage (white evangelical Chrisians, not so much).

And in great news, congratulations to my friends J&A, two men who are recently “enGAYged” as they put it and I couldn’t be happier for them. :)

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