Homosexuality- Not Just For Humans

One of the photos I took at the Boston Pride Parade

Most of us are familiar with the story of Roy and Silo, the pair of male penguins at the Central Park Zoo who incubated and raised a baby penguin that had been abandoned by its mother. The story was also the inspiration for the popular children’s book And Tango Makes Three. However, according to this article, Roy and Silo aren’t the only animals that have displayed homosexual behavior. Homosexual behavior has been observed in over 1500 species of animals, though only well documented in about 450, including flamingos, geese, albatross, dolphins, bison, giraffes, and various primates.

For more information on why these animals display homosexual behavior, check out the article. And for a more in-depth read, check out  Dr. Marlene Zuk’s excellent book “Sexual Selections.”

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