Holiday Giving? Think Again About The Salvation Army!

Love it or hate it, the holiday season is here. That means (along with being bombarded by Christmas music every time you’re out) being forced to choose between dodging and acknowledging the people who are out asking for money in front of stores. Even if the idea of giving to charity appeals to you, think carefully about where your money might be going.

One of the most prominent charities, with their distinctive red buckets and bell-ringing, is the Salvation Army. However, one of their media relations directors said outright that gays deserve death. The organization later released a statement saying that of course every individual human is worthy of life… but if a charity has to release a statement saying that it doesn’t believe people should die? You kinda have to wonder.

Further, the Salvation Army has backed numerous pieces of legislation aimed at making or keeping homosexual acts illegal, or at the very least making it so that discrimination against gay workers couldn’t be prosecuted. They’ve also turned away homosexual homeless couples unless they were willing to break up before receiving help.

All this makes me wonder, again, what exactly gets these homophobes so riled up. Like, every time a gay couple has sex, does it send invisible waves that disrupt the pacemakers of homophobes? What actual effect does non-heterosexual sex have on their physical persons? How do they even know when people are having non-heterosexual sex – or, for that matter, kinky sex or non-monogamous sex or anal sex or other kinds of sex that are doubtlessly just as abhorrent to them?

I can only conclude that unless they have sex monitors set up in every single place where people might be having sex ever, they can’t know if and when and how people are having non-heterosexual sex. Instead, the issue isn’t about sex – it’s about identities: allowing identities other than your straight and narrow one to be accepted and to gain full human rights. That’s scary to these homophobes. I almost feel pity for them, that their belief system is so flimsy that it requires uncertainty to be displaced in the form of hate onto others.

Instead of tossing money into their jar, you can download and print vouchers to let them know that hate and bigotry are not Christmas values. Spread the word about this. And then give your money to a charity that doesn’t discriminate, such as Goodwill, The Red Cross, or Doctors Without Borders (or if you really wanna be sex-positive, consider giving to Planned Parenthood, Scarleteen, or a local HIV/AIDS service provider or testing center) .

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Jeana Jorgensen, PhD recently completed her doctoral degree in folklore and gender studies at Indiana University. She studies fairy tales and other narratives, dance, body art, feminist theory, digital humanities, and gender identity.