Hasbro to Produce “Gender-Neutral” Easy-Bake Oven


Courtesy of Sears.com

McKenna Pope, a 13 year-old girl from New Jersey, is a bad-ass. After searching for an Easy-Bake oven for her younger brother for Christmas and discovering that the Hasbro product only comes in pink and purple, Pope decided to make a change. She headed over to Change.org (you know, the people behind those daily emails with inflammatory headlines that you can’t quite figure out how to unsubscribe from) and started an online petition, which received over 40,000 signatures.

Hasbro recently announced that they would be releasing an Easy-Bake oven in “gender-neutral” colors (black, silver, and blue), and have promised to include boys as well as girls in their advertisements. This is great news!

I find it interesting that it took Hasbro so long to hop on the “gender-neutral” bandwagon (I put this in quotations because I personally think all colors are gender-neutral…see my post about my colorful insights from working at a baby store).

While it’s true that cooking has traditionally been considered within the realm of the domestic (and thus within the realm of the female), male chefs have become more and more prominent in the media over the past several years (Bobby Flay, the Cake Boss, the Ace of Cakes, and Jamie Oliver). So why are we still producing cooking supplies for kids that only come in pinks and purples?

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