Gayborhoods a thing of the past?

According to this New York Times article written by Patricia Leigh Brown, gayborhoods (neighborhoods with a gay identity and a disproportionately large number of gay/lesbian/bisexual/queer identified residents) seem to be changing. Of course, most things do change and the societal forces that encouraged gayborhoods into being are not necessarily as prominent in 2007 as they were in previous years, and the fact that families are now infiltrating gayborhoods and making them less urban is not necessarily something to mourn or for single gays and lesbians to flee. 

But with these changing demographics, what will happen to gay identify? Who will turn the rougher spots of town into the trendy, hip (and yes, more expensive) parts of town? What would we do without the Castro or Boystown? How can these gayborhoods transform rather than disappear (this last question was, sadly, not addressed in the article). This article, by the way, includes quotes by fellow sexuality professor, sociologist, author and Indiana University colleague Dr. Elizabeth Armstrong. Go Hoosiers!

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