Gay Bullying: It Doesn’t Just Happen On Glee

According to a recent survey of 181 Minnesota teens, found that bullies harass 1 in 5 gay students (apparently harassment is defined as being kicked, punched, or violently injured based on sexual orientation). Additionally, the survey found that a majority of LGBT identified students have been verbally harassed at school.

The article states that “8 in 10 Minnesota GLBT students reported verbal harassment in school because of their sexual orientation, while 47 percent reported physical harassment (pushing) and 19 percent reported assaults (punching, kicking). Almost all the students reported regularly hearing “gay” used in a derogatory manner, while 92 percent reported hearing other anti-gay terms.”

This is clearly a huge problem that we are facing country-wide. Thanks to shows like Glee, and projects like the It Gets Better Project, the problem is receiving more visibility. Looking for some ways to help? Take The Pledge.

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