“Gay” Bans in College

As ridiculous as it sounds, several colleges in the country have adopted a ban on homosexuality, forcing all students to sign a pledge to not be gay.

According to the Westmont College Handbook, students must pledge to refrain from “occult practices, sexual relations outside of marriage, homosexual practice, drunkenness, theft, profanity, and dishonesty,” and that married students must “bide by the commitment to lifelong heterosexual marriage”. As Alex Blaze (one of my favorite contributors to The Bilerico Project) noted in his article on the issue, discrimination in institutions of higher education was banned in the Civil Rights Act in 1964, and sex-based discrimination in Title IX. Since Westmont received federal funding, they are legally bound to these anti-discrimination laws.

In a recent response to the discrimination at Westmont, over 100 LGBTQ alums and allies signed a letter to the college newspaper against the “gay ban”. They were met with an overwhelmingly positive response, with 50 of the college’s 92 faculty members writing back in apology. Hopefully this will inspire Westmont to change its ways.

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