From Megan to Miles: One FTM’s Story on NPR

Since joining MSP, my mother has been bombarding me with blog-worthy articles, items, and stories. Last night I received a fairly urgent text: “You’ve got to go to NPR.Org and check this out!” It’s still unclear if she’s doing all this research to help me with the blog, or just because she misses me terribly now that I’m back on campus. Either way, it’s adorable.

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Anyway, last week, NPR did a feature on 29 year old Miles Taylor, an FTM transman living in Boston. The story, which you can find here, discusses his 9-month long transformation from Megan to Miles, both physically, mentally, and emotionally. Miles kept an audio diary throughout his journey, which provides really amazing and intimate insight into his transition. He is extremely forthcoming with information, even reading to his listeners the letter he wrote to come out to his parents as a transman. The most powerful part of the audio diary, for me, was being able to actually hear the changes in Miles’ voice as he continued to take testosterone. It’s definitely worth a listen!

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