F*cking Like A Feminist

I recently read an article by Betty Dodson called “Fucking Like A Feminist” and it really opened my eyes to how differently feminism (as well as women’s sexuality) is perceived when presented to various audiences.

Throughout Dodson’s post, she highlights how sexuality has been intertwined with politics and influenced by different women’s movements throughout the decades.

The majority of the post revolves around pushing for sex positive feminism, but she wraps up her piece by asking, “What does fucking like a feminist mean to you?”

The feedback? Very moving.

Between providing a taste of women’s history and mixing in the reader commentary, the text makes for an interesting read. With that being said, I figured I’d share the article with all of you!

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About Madeline Haller

Madeline Haller

Madeline Haller is an Assistant Editor for MensHealth.com. Haller received her bachelor's degree in journalism from Indiana University, with a second concentration in gender studies. When she's not writing for MSP/MH, you can find her running, enjoying a cup of coffee, or searching for the perfect shade of red lipstick.

  • Kait

    I LOVE Betty and Carlin! Ok so sometimes I think they are a little extreme…but that just means I’m compelled to read more, learn more, and figure out exactly what it means to ME to be a sex educator! Thanks for sharing this article!

  • Lionmml

    First: LOVE the title!
    Second: To me it means no guilt, no power plays, no shame, no degradation. Honor the partner and yourself, before during, and after. :)

    As Masters said in a speech, “Sex is a natural function.”

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