Exposure To BPA Could Cause A Low Sperm Count

Garnet recently wrote about the dangers of phthalates in sex toys. Well, it turns out that’s not the only plastic additive that we should look out for. A recent Huffington Post article suggests a link between exposure to high amounts of BPA (often found in plastic water bottles) and low sperm count in men.

“The study involved 130 Chinese factory employees who worked directly with materials containing BPA and 88 workers who didn’t handle it and whose exposure was similar to that of typical American men.

Low sperm counts were found in workers who had detectable levels of bisphenol-A in their urine. Poor sperm quality was two to four times more prevalent among these men than among workers whose urine showed no sign of BPA. The lowest sperm counts were in men with the highest levels of BPA.”

More research will need to take place before the results are conclusive, but this is yet another reason to stay away from BPA. You can start by replacing your water bottle with  a BPA-free one, such as the Klean Kanteen.

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    It’s great that such research is taking place, but I think it’s clear that there are potentially thousands of factors that could also contribute.
    Those working in specific industries are exposed to hundreds of different chemical agents.
    Chinese factory workers are often on extremely low wages, resulting in poor diets and significantly lower standards of living.
    Those working longer hours suffer from increased problems with relation to general health, including sperm mobility.

    Again, it’s good that this research is being done (and I fully believe that most man-made substances harm us in various ways), but I do think this is a very tenuous link considering the environment, the lifestyle, the standards of living and so on.