Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell And The Rev

Kicking Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell to the curb has all sorts of consequences (most of which I think are good). One that I had not even considered involves military chaplains and marriage ceremonies. An article I saw on CNN explained that less than two weeks after the United State military had officially broken things off with their Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy they officially went on board to say that they will allow military chaplains to perform same sex marriages.

While I was initially ready to toss confetti in the air at the news, I read a little bit more and realized that the military will back chaplains performing same sex marriages – but only if the law allows this (that would be currently in only five states – the memo includes “local and state law”) and if it’s consistent with “the chaplain’s beliefs.” So, even if local/state laws allow it, if the chaplain personally think that same sex marriages are inconsistent with their beliefs then they don’t have to perform the marriage. And don’t forget to read the last line, which basically says that even if a chaplain performs the ceremony, don’t get the idea that the Department of Defense endorses any of it.

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