Dan Savage’s It Gets Better Project

Recently, several gay teenagers who have committed suicide as a result of school bullying have made headlines over the past few months. Bullying can make people feel small, unimportant, sad, and as if things will never get better – especially when school teachers, administrators and parents do nothing to stop the bullying or make students’ lives better.

Sex columnist and author Dan Savage is doing something to make things better and to inspire hope, which is one of the most powerful forces in humanity. He’s created a YouTube channel called “It Gets Better” which will highlight the video-based stories of men and women who went through those horrible middle school or high school years and made it out to find that life does indeed go on – and it often gets enormously better.

Learn more about the It Gets Better project from Dan’s column, Savage Love. To watch Dan and Terry’s video (or what I’m sure will be many more videos to come from others) or to add your own video about how life got better for you, visit the It Gets Better project channel on YouTube.

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Dr. Debby Herbenick

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  • Amanda Daugherty

    This is just great to see! And really, what a perfect message: It gets better. Sometimes that’s all we need to hear.