Are Cell Phones More Important Than Sex?

Data from a non-scientific survey released on August 3 says that 33% of Americans would give up sex before they would give up their cell phone. My question is, are we giving up sex just on one day or sex in general (the survey is asking about giving up your phone for a week or sex for a week)? Also, is just intercourse or sexing of any sort (the survey didn’t say)?

But back to the actual survey.

As one might expect, the respondents with smart phones were more attached to their phones than those of us with boring phones (I’m in that category with an “unsmart” phone, I guess), and iPhone owners are most attached of all. Among those individuals who said that they’d be more okay with skipping out on sex than their phone, they were mostly women (a whopping 70%).

Overall, the survey says that most people would be willing to give up alcohol for a week (70% of people), and at the lowest end, people were least comfortable with going without their computers (20% – and worth noting, I have friends whose phone IS their computer), shoes (21%), or toothbrush (22%).

I also found the survey interesting for other results – such as iPhone users thinking that other iPhone users would be the best potential romantic partner (are you listening, Apple? This could be a new dating web site). In a related vein, people who own smart phones are 3 times more likely to judge people based on the type of phone that they carry. If you own a smart phone, you might be more okay with not seeing your significant other, if that meant keeping your phone with you. The smart phone users were more likely to say they’d rather go a week without their partner than their phone (that’d be 22% of the smart phone users, but only 14% of regular phone users said this).Related to that, smart phone users were more likely to use technology to end a relationship, and not just via text message – they included Facebook, emails, and Twitter posts (if you’re interested, it was 18% of smart phone users, and just 7% of plain phone users).

Also, about half of the people who took the survey said that they sleep with their phone next to them (I’m guilty of this – mine is on the night stand). My excuse is that it happens to charge there and I also sometimes use it as an alarm clock. However, this made me think of the Paris Hilton sex tape where in she answers her phone in the middle of, um, activities. Would you give up your cell phone or sex for a week? Ever broken up with someone using technology (and if so, how’d you do it?)

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