Britney Spears Retouched & Untouched Candies Photos

I admire celebrities who give people a peek into how their photos get so drastically retouched. This is especially key, I think, for people who are role models – whether they like it or not – for young women or men who want to look like them. Letting people see what’s real and what’s not about their bodies can help to give a more realistic view of the world and what is or is not possible (or typical) in terms of bodies.

Take these before/after retouching photos of Britney Spears. In the untouched version, she looks like a healthy woman who is in shape but has a little cellulite (like most women). In the retouched version, she has a dramatically smaller and perkier butt, slimmed down legs, less muscle tone in her legs, and no camel toe.

Why not leave her body as-is? She looks great! I’m happy she released these.

[via Huffington Post]

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Dr. Debby Herbenick

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  • scootiebee

    Until you mentioned what the retouches were, I thought the picture with the shapelier legs WAS the retouched version! I can't imagine why anyone would take really nice looking legs and make them look like sticks!

  • David D

    I can't stand photo retouching. Retouching makes the photo false. This is the huge reason why I reject Playboy. Playboy retouches ever photo until the female resembles a Barbie Doll. (Yes. Hugh Hefner. I don't care how big your harem is. Your magazine sucks.)

    I loved the protest line in Britney's song “You Want a Piece of Me” that goes, “I'm Mrs She's Too Big, Now She's Too Thin.”

  • mysexprofessor

    Yes – great line!!

  • mysexprofessor

    I think both types of legs look nice, but then again I like the variety of human kind (and some people have stick-like legs) :) I just don't like retouching!

  • scootiebee

    I see your point. I just can't see changing a body to fit an ideal image that is nearly impossible to achieve in reality for the majority of women and girls. I would rather see slightly “imperfect” people, because at least they are REAL! Even her skin tone seems more real and “human” in the original picture, not oddly glowy like the retouched version. Good for her for making the picture's changes known, too. My respect for her doubled in an instant.