Brandon Bitner Suicide and LGBTQ Bullying Awareness

Recently the media has been going crazy over LGBTQ bullying and suicides. With Dan Savage’s It Gets Better Project, the world has been exposed to the stories of thousands of LGBTQ-identified people that have been persecuted for their sexual/gender identity.

Most recently came the suicide of Brandon Bitner, a young man who took his own life on November 5th as a result of being bullied in school. In spite of all of the sadness, people around the world have taken these events as a reason to stand up against bullying. Tomorrow, Thursday November 11th, thousands of people will be wearing black in remembrance of Brandon.

I like to make a point to find the silver lining in all sorts of situations, and as far as these suicides, it’s not hard to find. Seeing allies from all over the world come together to stand up against LGBTQ bullying is truly a beautiful sight. On Wednesday, October 20th, the world was taken over by a sea of purple in remembrance of those who have taken their lives as a result of being bullied. On my own campus, I was happy to see a flash-mob of purple-wearing activists outside of our campus center during lunch.

A purple flash-mob on campus. Image courtesy of Elle.

While I can only hope that the bullying and suicides will stop, I know that the activism will continue, and that I’ll continue updating all of you about the newest ways to get involved. Here are some links to get you started!

The National Center for Bullying Prevention

National Suicide Prevention

Stop Bullying Now

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