Bono vs. Jolie-Pitt: Who’s The Better Genderqueer Celeb Spawn?

According to this Chicago Sun Times article, Angelia Jolie is not happy with Chaz Bono. Bono (who I will refer to as Genderqueer Celeb Spawn #1) is the transgender son of Cher and the subject of the recent made-for-tv documentary “Becoming Chaz”. In a recent interview, Bono apparently offered to talk to Angie and Brad about Shiloh’s gender identity, “implying the little girl, who often appears dressed like a little boy, may have gender issues as she grows older”.

Right before I signed on as a blogger for MSP, I wrote a blog post about how awesome little Shiloh is (or, Genderqueer Celeb Spawn #2), which you all can find here (shameless plug).

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Here’s my take on the issue. Shiloh is a kid. Yes, Shiloh may someday be gender queer, or trans, or gay, or she may be none of these things. She’s not even 5 years old. Hopefully no matter how Shiloh chooses to one day identify, she will be supported by her family and friends. But it’s not up to anybody else to point fingers, especially at a kid.

For more discussion about children and gender identity, check out a recent NYT article about various ways that parents respond to sons who want to dress or play in gender atypical ways (e.g., wear skirts, play mostly with dolls, etc).

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