Blogging And Gender

Thanks to Wikimedia for the image.

A recent study found that men and women are blogging in pretty much equal numbers; however, the topics on which they blog tend to be split down gender lines (for instance, more women write cooking and mothering blogs, while more men write political blogs). Perhaps the numbers will even out in the future, but at least it appears that both men and women are equally accessing and utilizing the internet as a resource.

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About Jeana


Jeana Jorgensen, PhD recently completed her doctoral degree in folklore and gender studies at Indiana University. She studies fairy tales and other narratives, dance, body art, feminist theory, digital humanities, and gender identity.

  • anonymoose

    I have seen that the topics of posts, based on gender, pretty much fall in line with the way that Barnes and Noble sets up its magazine section.

  • Jeana Jorgensen

    Which makes one wonder: are these topics from the bottom-up (organized by writers themselves), or top-down (organized by the sellers and corporations), or maybe some combination of the two?