Bill Maher compares Mark Sanford’s love emails and Mark Foley’s texts

Bill Maher recently showed a side-by-side comparison of Gov. Mark Sanford’s emails to his Argentine lover and former Congressman Mark Foley’s texts to his pages. No matter what your opinions are on monogamy, marriage, politics, adultery, falling in love (like, or lust) with one person while being with another, sexual orientation, or verbal seduction, you can perhaps at least appreciate the humor in the following contrasts:

I think there’s also something interest here about the contrasts between love and lust. Love, after all, is often put on a pedestal in many cultures – the romantic ideal – whereas lust, particularly in restrictive religious cultures, may be put off to the sidelines as ”something of the flesh”. But both love (partnering/bonding) and lust (sex and the urge to have sex, and to possibly procreate) are pretty central to the human condition, I think. Or at least many people’s experience of what it means to be human and alive.

For more on the topic, watch Dr. Helen Fisher’s TED talk on love and cheating.

[Thanks to hortense at Jezebel for noticing this first.]

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