Battling HIV/AIDS

The New York Times published several letters to the editor about a recent article related to HIV/AIDS and I recommend reading each of them here. Here is one of the ones that touched me the most – the sentiments expressed are not true for all gay men, or even all gay men over 50, but they are true for this one man. He wrote:

To the Editor:

Your editorial suggests that a significant decline in H.I.V. among gay men over 30 might be the result of personal loss. Many of us, including men in their 50s like me, are still grieving; our friends are no longer with us, and we feel their absence in our lives every day.

Our goal is to remain H.I.V.-negative and to live. Casual sex is out. For us, the discussion and the debates are over.

Benjamin M. Hamilton
Astoria, Queens, Jan. 14, 2008

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