‘Baby, I’m Your Natural Selection’- New Scientist Magazine’s Dating Website

There’s something about geek romance that just delights me. Perhaps it’s the idea that people historically undervalued as dating partners finding connection, or, the joy that someone’s found a partner that totally ‘gets’ them. Either way, I love a good n’ nerdy how-we-met story. Case in point: a friend of mine once told me about the moment he realized he’d found ‘the one’ was when, during a walk on the beach with a new girlfriend, she picked up a rock and said, ‘This looks like a phaser!’ In a previous post, I described how I overheard the best nerdy pick-up line in the bar at the Star Trek Experience.

There’ve been a number of nerd-focused dating websites for years, but New Scientist magazine has taken it to a new level with ‘New Scientist Connect.’ Complete with links to articles on DNA compatibility and research on long-term relationships, New Scientist Connect is based on ‘the science of dating’ and is geared toward the more geek-inclined of the online dating set. So if you’re the type who finds conversations about the latest science research rather arousing (and are looking for a new love), check it out.

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