All That Pumpkin Pie You Just Ate May Pay Off

According to a recent article posted on, the smell of pumpkin pie can increase sexual arousal. Dr. Alan Hirsch of the Smell & Taste Research and Treatment Foundation in Chicago has published the preliminary findings from his research on the link between scent and sexual arousal.

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According to the article, the smells of both lavender and pumpkin pie were tied for the scent that increased sexual arousal the most, increasing blood flow in the genitals by about 40%.

Some other sexy smells for men included doughnuts, black licorice, lily of the valley, cola, buttered popcorn, and cranberry, while women were most turned on by smells such as Good & Plenty candy, cucumber, baby powder and chocolate. Although the research is in its extremely early stages, maybe this could be an excuse to help relieve some of the tension we all feel around big holidays!

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