A World Without Men?

So I realize this article is old news for some of you, but for those that haven’t heard, scientists in England were recently able to create sperm cells out of female stem cells. The results are obviously colossal for lesbian (or queer/female-bodied/what-have-you) couples, as it suggests that one day they may be able to have their own biological children as a couple rather than having to choose which one of the two women will contribute to the baby. 

Image courtesy of fungaineni.com

When I found out about this, I couldn’t help but feel excited that, should I one day want to start a family with a female-bodied partner, the kids could be biologically both of ours. However, when I was talking about it with my mom and her boyfriend, he expressed an interesting opinion on the breakthrough.

To him, the research not only represents the ability to have children without sperm, but the threat of our society no longer needing men at all. Talk about a feminist’s dream (that was a joke, people). But seriously, it’s kind of eerie to think about how one piece of scientific research could completely eliminate the reproductive need for men on earth. Not that it will, just that it maybe one day could.

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