A League of Their Own, MtF Trans Myths, Love Stories, CisGender, Neil Patrick Harris is Having a Baby, and more

Some things of note on the Interwebs:

- Jezebel appreciates A League of Their Own
- Alice in Genderland describes 7 myths about male-to-female transsexuals
- For readers who aren’t sure what our new MSP blogger Garnet meant about being a cis-woman (I got a couple of questions), Wiki to the rescue! As is About.com. (though perhaps this would be a great topic for a future post)
- A heartbreaking love story about an Atlanta area couple and what happened on, and shortly after, their wedding day
- Neil Patrick Harris and his partner are expecting twins, via surrogate, this Fall
- Various  media outlets report on women, men, money and cheating (not often in very nuanced ways as much else goes into hooking up with others aside from money)

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_N5I5QI7CGLG52HXGO7632WC2HE Anonymous

    That link about mtf myths is… opinion. I’m a mtf trans person, and…

    Myth #1: Everyone is fascinated by transgenderism and male/female differences.

    What? I have never thought this and I can’t imagine why anyone would. Most people want as little to do with us as possible, in fact.

    Myth #3: Transsexuals are simply women born into the wrong body.

    Maybe right and maybe not. She offers anecdotes about how she can tell the difference in trans personalities, but nothing to support the assertion that these aren’t a result of culture/upbringing. Also, personal anecdotes are not evidence to dispel this “myth.”

    Myth #4: A lot of crossdressers pass and nearly all transsexuals do.

    Another one that I’ve never heard before. Nearly all transsexuals? Who thinks that, exactly? She goes on to imply, essentially, that she can make any trans woman who hasn’t had facial surgery. Yeah, nobody thinks that every trans woman blends perfectly (some don’t even want to), but there are definitely women who can pass without surgery, even in a room full of trans people.

    Myth #5: Crossdressers are regular straight guys.
    Myth #6: Trans admirers are regular straight guys.

    Does this person know what a myth is? This is about as far from a generally accepted point of view as is possible.

    Myth #7: After surgery I can get involved with regular straight men.

    Again, not exactly what most people think about transsexuals. On the other hand, there are perfectly normal straight guys, having been interested in and in relationships with cis women all their lives, who are in happy relationships with trans women. But thanks for promoting the Seth MacFarlane meme that straight mtf are deceptive and disgusting to the only partners they’re interested in.