2012 Election Results: California Sex Laws

Thanks to Wikimedia for the image.

Last week, Californians voted on whether to make condom use mandatory in pornography shoots. Measure B passed, but remains controversial. Many adult performers believe that they already take adequate safety measures such as regular testing, and that the law only further marginalizes them. For those reasons, I prefer to hear more of their perspectives before I make up my mind on the law.

In more California news (because that’s where I’m from), Prop 35 also passed, which approves harsher sentences for human trafficking. Again, there’s always another perspective to the issue: one blogger laments that due to the fact that laws concerning sex offenders and sex workers tend to overlap, this law will actually create more trouble for an already-persecuted group.

I urge non-Californians to educate yourselves on these issues, because they could be coming soon to a state near you! Also, try to talk to or research the people whom the laws would impact. I’ve learned from rudimentary reading and from conversations online that sex work is more complex than I (a well-educated, sex-positive feminist!) would have imagined on my own.

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