10 Sex Educators You Should Follow on Twitter

Twitter is a great place to hear about the work sex educators and researchers are doing all over the world. Often it will be the first place I see the latest sex-in-the-news story or it’ll be the inspiration for a new sex ed project. In light of how much I enjoy the sex ed community on Twitter, I decided to write a post (an expanded #followfriday, so to speak) highlighting some of the folks who’ve inspired me recently. This isn’t meant to be an absolute “best of,” but rather, a snapshot of people and organizations doing great work that I admire.

1. Joan Price is the author of Naked at Our Age: Talking Out Loud about Senior Sex, and regularly tweets about sexuality for the over 60 set. I for one plan to be sexually active at that age and I feel happy knowing that educators like Joan are working to shed light on a taboo corner of an already-taboo topic.

2. On the younger end of the sexuality spectrum, Scarleteen is arguably the foremost sexuality information source for under 25s. Since 2006, their primary site, scarleteen.com, has had over one billion hits. They also have a Pinterest board, which I love.

3. When he’s not advising the United Nations on sexual health matters, Francisco Ramirez also regularly gives out free sex and relationships advice in New York City’s public parks (in five languages, no less!). He’s also a Global Correspondent for MTV Voices.

4. Jenna Gaarde (with the hilarious handle @askjennatalia) is an LA-based sex educator and Scarleteen volunteer. Her bubbly personality comes off in her sex geeky tweets and I really enjoy reading about the work she does.

5. Dr Petra Boynton is a UK-based sexual health researcher, speaker, and journalist. If you’re interested in the low-down on the latest academic research in sexuality and sexual health, particularly in the UK and Western Europe, she’s a great one to follow.

6. Sandra Daugherty is a super funny and impressive lady. She’s the star of Nerdist’s Sex Nerd Sandra podcast (which has had over two million downloads in its first year), works for the women-friendly sex toy shop, The Pleasure Chest, and offers sexuality workshops and one-on-one coaching.

7. Charlie Glickman is the sex educator’s sex educator. I always learn something new from his tweets and posts on his eponymous blog. He’s also just a great guy, which I know because he used to be my boss when I worked for Good Vibrations.

8. Airial Clark invariably leaves me inspired to do the work I do. She’s a sex educator, the founder of The Sex Positive Parent, and all-around brilliant woman. I got to interview her for MSP, which you can check out here.

9. As the handle implies, the women behind SexEdAustralia teach sex ed in Australian primary and secondary schools. They’re often the first in my Twitter feed to cover Australian and international news and research that relates to sexuality education and young people.

10. Among other sexual health topics, UK-based BISH Training tackles youth and porn consumption in a remarkably balanced, nuanced way. They sell great teaching resources, including materials about critically looking at porn, for sex educators working with youth.

And last but not least, the @mysexprofessor team: Debby, Madeline, Jeana, Holly, Michaela, and Craig. I love that I can connect with my fellow MSP bloggers through Twitter and I suspect you might as well.

Know other sex educators that you love on Twitter? Please share their handles in the comments.

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