From marriage to health, education to homophobia in sports, this week’s posts will be discussing both personal experience and the larger cultural implications of change.

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When Our Bodies Change

All human bodies go through some measure of change, because we all start as infants and, depending on factors such as life span and sex, go through a number of changes related to reproductive capacities, aging, and illness. I wonder, however, whether contemporary Western culture, with its emphasis on conformity and fashion, forces us to pay more attention to our changing bodies. If the current trend is skin-tight-whatevers, gaining or losing five pounds would make a huge difference in what you can wear. The capitalist and commercialist aspects of modern America also play a role in how we perceive our changing bodies. Try this weight-loss diet! Continue Reading →

Changing Your Life, Changing Your Health


Someone recently told me that I must be a big fan of change. When asked for evidence towards that opinion, they mentioned the fact that I moved five times during my five semesters of grad school, and that I recently changed both my location and my relationship status. While this seems to support their argument, my subjective experience tells me that this change was hard but (mostly) necessary for me to get to the life I want to live. And I’ve been doing this for a long time. For example, I quit a full-time job I really loved in order to go back to grad school and become a sex educator and therapist, because that’s what I saw myself doing long-term. Continue Reading →

Girl-Driven Sex Education In Haiti

This excellent article discusses how peer-driven sex education is gaining momentum in Haiti. Due to the lack of institutionalized sex education, there are very high teenage pregnancy rates, which worries not only those trying to plan the country’s future, but also many teenage girls themselves. One high school student says of the club that promotes sexuality awareness: ”Thanks to the club, we avoid having babies before we are ready, and we also avoid getting infected with illnesses that potentially could cause us to die.” Clearly, everyone should have access to life-saving knowledge. If you’re lucky enough to have access to thorough and accurate sex education, maybe consider what you can do to help others? Continue Reading →

Change is a Beautiful Thing

Change can be a beautiful thing. When I first met Liv, my partner, I couldn’t help but think he was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen. He’s tall, with soft blue eyes and the impish charm of a schoolboy, and dresses the part, too. He’s covered in some serious ink, and dons heavy, colorful stone gauges. Basically, he was my dream boi. Continue Reading →

MSP interviews Jason Ball, Activist and Gay Football Player

Jason 2

Australians will often tell overseas visitors that Aussie Rules Football, or simply ‘footy,’ is like a religion. It’s rare to find an Aussie who doesn’t passionately support an AFL (Australian Football League) team and team rivalries are deeply entrenched in family and footy culture alike. As with most sports, the professional teams are all male and reflect and reinforce traditional male gender roles. When I read that an Aussie Rules Football player – Jason Ball – had come out publicly as gay (the first ever to do so), I was thrilled to see how it would affect change in this traditional institution. Not only has he come out, he’s also become a passionate spokesperson for eliminating homophobia in the AFL. Continue Reading →

What Changes After Marriage?

Many people have asked me recently: what’s changed since you’ve gotten married? My answer is: fortunately, very little. I dislike surprises. Spontaneity is not my middle name. So it’s to be expected that I would not want things to suddenly and drastically change simply because there’s been a ceremony and a shift of legal status. Continue Reading →

This Week’s Theme on MSP: Change

This week on MSP, our blogging team will be exploring the concept of change as it related to sex and relationships. Change can be both difficult and exciting, self-directed or out-of-control, but it’s inextricably part of our personal and public lives. With the upcoming election, many people are feeling the weight of potential change and what that means for their lives and others’ lives the world over. From marriage to health, education to homophobia in sports, this week’s posts will be discussing both personal experience and the larger cultural implications of change. Continue Reading →